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Dicio assistant

Voice assistant: multilanguage, configurable and free
Version: 0.10
Added: 28-12-2022
Updated: 19-09-2023
Dicio is a free and open source voice assistant. It supports many different skills and input/output methods, and it provides both speech and graphical feedback to a question. It uses Vosk for speech to text. It has multilanguage support, and is currently available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish.

Dicio answers questions about:

  • search: looks up information on DuckDuckGo (and in the future more engines) - Search for Dicio

  • weather: collects weather information from OpenWeatherMap - What's the weather like?

  • lyrics: shows Genius lyrics for songs - What's the song that goes we will we will rock you?

  • open: opens an app on your device - Open NewPipe

  • calculator: evaluates basic calculations - What is four thousand and two times three minus a million divided by three hundred?

  • telephone: view and call contacts - Call Tom

  • timer: set, query and cancel timers - Set a timer for eleven minutes

  • current time: query current time - What time is it?

  • navigation: opens the navigation app at the requested position - Take me to New York, fifteenth avenue

Dicio can receive input through a text box or through Vosk speech to text, and can talk using toasts or the Android speech synthesis engine. Interactive graphical output is provided by skills when they answer a question.

Each skill can be enabled, disabled or customized using the related settings screen. A dark theme is available.

The user input is interpreted by specific, yet reusable, libraries: dicio-sentences-compiler, dicio-skill and dicio-numbers.

This app has the NonFreeNet anti-feature because some skills use non-free services to obtain the information requested by the user. You can easily disable unwanted skills or choose alternative services via settings.
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