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Offline dictionaries
Version: 1.1.0
Added: 02-01-2013
Updated: 24-04-2018
DictionaryForMIDs is a flexible dictionary that can be set up with dictionaries
for all languages around the world. For example it is possible to set up
DictionaryForMIDs with an English to Spanish dictionary as well as for an
English to Chinese dictionary.

Beyond language dictionaries, it is possible to set up any other dictionary for
DictionaryForMIDs, for example a ZIP-dictionary, a phone dictionary, a
dictionary of medical terms, etc.

Please note that the dictionaries that are set up for DictionaryForMIDs may have
different copyrights. All dictionaries that can be downloaded from the website
are free to use. Several dictionaries come with the app and more are provided in
the section dictionaries for download of the website.

Screenshot of DictionaryForMIDs Screenshot of DictionaryForMIDs Screenshot of DictionaryForMIDs
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