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Direct Dictaphone

Record short audio notes
Version: 1.13
Added: 03-01-2015
Updated: 19-10-2015
Record short (~45 seconds) audio notes.

Want to record a thought? Just launch this app and talk. No need to click any
other button. It tries to detect when you stop talking (provided you're not in
an a noisy environment or far from the phone) and it records up to 45 seconds by
default so it won't fill your memory card.

Want to record another one? Touch the red dot, or launch it again from the phone

This app is for recording short notes, such as "Remember to buy milk". If you
want to record a long speech, don't use this app, but rather use VirtualRecorder
for example.

No network connection needed: notes are stored on the SD card. You can listen to
notes later: press the "Menu" key in Android 2, or click on "Listen" in Android
4 action bar. Then click on a note.
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