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Docspell Share

Share documents with your Docspell server
Version: 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT
Added: 13-09-2020
Updated: 07-06-2021
Docspell Share adds Docspell to the Android share menu to easily push files to your Docspell server.

It requires a running Docspell server instance, which you can host yourself for free. Use specialized scan apps like OpenNoteScanner (on F-Droid), OpenScan or Office Lens to create documents and push them directly to your server. Docspell allows for different upload URLs, where each may define additional metadata to add (e.g. tags). This app lets you manage these upload URLs, you can

- Maintain a list of Docspell URLs to upload to
- Select an URL each time or set a default one

- CAMERA: optional; it is used to scan QR codes for conveniently copying URLs from a screen.
- INTERNET: to upload a file to a remote Docspell server

Docspell consumes your files, extracts and analyses the text and adds metadata automatically. It lets you manage your documents with minial effort. Check out the documentation.

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