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Interface with a Domogik home automation server
Version: 1.4
Added: 02-04-2016
Updated: 19-07-2017
Domodroid is a remote control application that allow you to control your
Domogik home automation system. The following features
are already available on the latest version of Domodroid:

* Graph Data Values with homemade graph engine (by default)
* Graph Data Values with Achartengine (in development)
* Video camera streaming
* On/Off (2 versions available), Variator, Actuator, State and Data Widgets
* Auto-Updated widgets
* Full icon pack supported
* Technologies supported: Onewire, PLCBus, IPX800, Mirror, Teleinfo, X10, WakeOnLan, Ping, Zibase, RFXCom, YahooWather (Theorycally, all that are supported by Domogik)
* All screen size supported Smartphone/Tablet
* Power management control
* Startup directly in map mode.
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