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DPI Tunnel

DPI Tunnel is tool for bypass DPI (anticensorship)
Version: 4.0
Added: 04-02-2020
Updated: 05-04-2021
DPITunnel is a simple and effective solution against government censorship for Android. It is built on VPN Server, which intercepts traffic and directs it through the http proxy.

DPITunnel for Android is active DPI circumvention utility, that works only on your phone and doesn’t send your traffic to third-party servers, respecting your privacy and do not slowing down your internet connection. It establishes a transparent proxy server on your phone and starts local VPN server, where are DPI circumvention tricks applying.

For android 5 and up (root access don't mater) just press on/off button.
For android 4.4 there are two cases:
If you have root, enable "Set DPITunnel proxy globally" and press on/off button.
If you don't have root, press on/off button and set DPITunnel proxy in system settings.

Screenshot of DPI Tunnel Screenshot of DPI Tunnel Screenshot of DPI Tunnel
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