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Access your Plan 9 machines from your phone or tablet using Plan 9 standards.
Version: 0.0.2
Added: 29-09-2022
Updated: 29-09-2022
This app uses Plan 9 standards to access your Plan 9 machines.

  • Simple notification support

  • Supports original Plan 9 and 9front

  • Full mouse button support

  • Working /mnt/term

  • Camera support

  • Supports multiple connection profiles (only one connection at a time)

  • Full graphics support (rio works!)

ACHTUNG! If you have never heard of Plan 9 before, this app is very likely not for you!

The danger with most permissions depend on the programs the user runs on the server.
Be careful about programs you open on the server side if you want to use this app safely.

  • Internet: Obviously, the app needs access to the internet to be able to connect to servers.

  • Access external storage: The app can access your local filesystem through /mnt/term.

  • Camera: Drawterm allows access to the cameras. You can directly copy photos from the camera to your Plan 9 server.

  • Location: Some users might have programs on their Plan 9 server that use the GPS location for various purposes.

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