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Menstrual cycle tracking helps you understand your cycle data and gives you insi
Version: 0.1905.29-beta
Added: 30-03-2020
Updated: 30-03-2020
Key Features • Track your bleeding, fertility, sex, mood, pain, and more if you want • Graphs to analyze cycle and period duration as well as other symptoms • Get notified about your next period and required temperature measurements • Easily import, export and password protect your data What makes drip special • Your data, your choice. Everything stays on your device. • Not another cute, pink app. drip is designed with gender inclusivity in mind. • Your body is not a black box. drip is transparent in its calculations and encourages you to think for yourself. • Based on science. drip detects your fertility using the symptothermal method. • Track what you like. Just your period or fertility symptoms, and more. • Open source. Contribute to the code, the documentation, translations and get involved with the community. • Non-commercial. drip doesn’t sell your data, no ads. SPECIAL THANKS TO: • All the condriputors! • The Prototype Fund • The Feminist Tech Fellowship • The Mozilla Foundation
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