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Play music across the network
Version: 5.5.3
Added: 26-03-2013
Updated: 03-04-2022
Connect to your Subsonic server and listen to your music wherever you go. Songs
are cached for playback to save on your mobile bandwidth and to make them
available when you have no connection at all.

* Lockscreen controls (ICS+)
* Gapless Playback (JB+)
* Notification prev/pause/next buttons
* Quick add/remove songs to playlist
* Pause playback when other apps request audio focus (navigation, etc)
* Option to gather logs and send them via email for newer versions of Android
* Drag and drop songs to rearrange your playlist on the Now Playing tab
* User defined Cache Size, Network Timeout, and Buffer Length

Subsonic is a cross-platform FOSS media server that's capable of indexing very
large media collections. The server can transcode if necessary so that the app
can play files that your device may not normally support.

The app is set up to access a demo server on the internet for trying it out. In
order to use this app with your own Subsonic server beyond a trial period, a key
must be obtained by making a donation. (A key isn't required to use the
Supersonic variant.)

Recent versions of this app depend on the non-free Google Play Services library.
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