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e1547 - e621 browser

browser for the e621 and e926 imageboards
Version: 19.1.0
Added: 01-09-2023
Updated: 12-06-2024
e1547 provides a polished and comfortable browsing experience for your favorite image board, e621 (as well as e926).


- Browse and search posts and pools of posts
- Favorite, comment on, up and downvote, and edit posts
- View the newest, hottest and your favorite posts
- Save Images to your device
- Follow tags, like artists or characters
- Display post info, launch searches from tags
- Access tag wikis by long-pressing
- Extensive local blacklist support, synced with the site
- History of all pages you visited
- Play videos, with double tap skip function
- Supports DText, the e6 markdown language
- Experimental forum support
- Multiple themes and personalization options
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