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Event-driven Android automation
Version: 0.7.2-alpha
Added: 08-04-2017
Updated: 20-11-2018

Make your smart phone smarter: tell it what to do under what situation.

Easer is an event-driven Android automation app. It knows various events, and you, the user, could tell it what to do on what event (and even combine multiple events!). Routine actions no longer need to be taken manually.

This app was inspired by CyanogenMod's 'profile' mechanism and IFTTT. The original intuition was to automatically change the profile on certain time or specific WiFi connections, and it was expanded for more general use then (so Easer runs on any Android devices).

Reminder: Easer is still under development. It may contain bugs and the UI definitely needs to be improved. For more details or expansion of Easer, read README, HOWTO (creating more events / operations), TODO (or README, HOWTO, TODO if you can read Chinese) document in the repo.

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