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Easy Repost

Repost and download Instagram posts by clicking "Copy Share URL" in Instagram.
Version: 2.0.5
Added: 18-09-2020
Updated: 28-10-2020
Easily and quickly repost photos and videos from Instagram. Just open instrepost then open instagram and click on "Share To...". Then select this App.

Note: Users with a private profile can not be reposted or downloaded.

All posts are downloaded into a folder called instarepost on your device.

Under settings you can adjust how the post caption is handled. Using the following tags you can pull existing parts from the post into your caption:

%username% = Username of original Post
%caption% = Caption of original Post
%nl% = New line, make a newline

Note: Please attribute photos and videos to the original owners.

If something doesn't work or you want to request a new feature please send an email.

Instant Repost and Downloader is NOT associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by Instagram or Facebook.

This app is now open source and the source can be downloaded here:
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