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Easy Watermark

Securely, easily add a watermark to your sensitive photos.
Version: 2.8.9
Added: 10-10-2020
Updated: 01-08-2023
Securely, easily add a watermark to your sensitive photos.
To prevent them from being leaked or exploited by the BAD GUY.

Of course, it is also suitable for making emojis.
After all, it supports image watermarking with very ghostly effects.

## Characteristics
### Exciting

Purely offline local applications , code to see on open source.
Vertical and horizontal spacing can be adjusted, the color of light and dark change at will.
Rotate freely in all sizes and angles, text and pictures can be printed.
The watermark repeats all over the picture, and it's a little hard for the bad guys to remove it.

### Seriously (pushes up glasses)

- Security:
The code is completely open source and uses a loose MIT protocol, you are free to Fork yourself to modify and remove code you think is problematic ;)
No network requests, no network request permissions, no fear of your photos being compromised. users with API >= 29 don't even need to request any permissions. (28 and below users need to apply for storage permissions to access and store photos)
And of course there are no stats, buried points or Device IDs, or even crash reporting (so if you get a crash, please share the crash info with us >_<).
We're forgoing the convenient third-party collection SDK and various stats just so you can use it with confidence. What's yours is yours.
- Layout: support for horizontal and vertical intervals between the watermark, automatically repeat the full picture.
- Style: font color, transparency, size and rotation angle can be adjusted.
- Content: Support text watermark and image watermark.

## Use
You can use it however you want. It is more suitable for situations where you need to submit a photo ID, a hand-held photo ID or a sensitive photo. Example.

Various real names in the country, uploading front and back photos of ID cards at every turn, even handheld ID photos.
Pre-project previews, samples, copyrighted or simply spoofed images
Reference text.

This photo is for xx for xxx purposes only, no other use.

You can turn down the transparency, just don't block the key information.

(For now) we can't (temporarily) prevent information from being uploaded, or even (temporarily) prevent information from being leaked, but we can reduce the value of the information being leaked.

Even if it's (probably) useless in the end, at least you can disgust the leaker a bit.

## UI
Designed by renowned UI guru @tovi ()
Anything you think doesn't work well is my UI restore that doesn't work, and has nothing to do with the UI draft. xD
This app was designed by @tovi, so all rights to the UI and related design resources belong to him and may not be used without permission from any person or organization.

## Open Source License.
Third party libraries used.


## Feedback and contribution
We welcome your comments and suggestions in the issues section, or you can contribute your code by submitting a PR directly to us. Of course, you can also contact the developer directly via telegram or email and we'll get back to you shortly.
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