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Synchronize your phone with your WebDAV server, the easy way.
Version: 1.10
Added: 04-12-2023
Updated: 15-06-2024
Synchronize images, videos, audio and downloads with your WebDAV server.
Synchronize in both directions.
Secure and open source.

What is synchronized:
* Images, video, screenshots that are displayed in your gallery will be synchronized. This includes images and videos in `DCIM/`, `Pictures/`, `Movies/` and `Download/`
* If they are only available in a specific app but not in gallery, they won't be synchronized
* Please note that messaging apps (messages, whatsapp, signal, etc.) generally offer you the choice between saving files in your gallery (in such case they will be synchronized) or not
* All audio and music files that are visible in `Alarms/`, `Audiobooks/`, `Music/`, `Notifications/`, `Podcasts/`, `Ringtones/` and `Recordings/` will be synchronized
* Beware that google's own voice recorder stores its files privately and offer its own cloud synchronization. They won't be synchronized by EasySync
* All downloaded files in `Download/` will be synchronized, whether they are pdf, epubs, documents, images, etc.

What is not synchronized:
Everything not explicitly stated above is not synchronized. More specifically:
* Applications
* Applications data/state
* Messages
* Contacts
* Games progress
* Wifi or network parameters
* Android settings and phone customization
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