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Search for books you like and download them in multiple formats.
Version: 0.4
Added: 27-01-2019
Updated: 27-01-2019

eBooks is an app that searches the internet for the book you request and gives you options to download the book in multiple formats (PDF, EPUB, mobi, etc.).


  • Enter the name of the book you want to download and the author. Try to spell the names accurately for better results.
  • Click on 'Search' and you'll be given options to download from.
  • While you wait, read some of the quotes I like.
  • To download a book, click on the name you want to download. Your selection will turn green and download will start.
  • You can find the book in your Downloads folder.
  • Make sure you have appropriate application to read the file you just downloaded.
  • Have fun reading!
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