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EBT New Note

EBT New Note is an app for submitting Euro bill note data to EuroBillTracker
Version: 0.19
Added: 22-10-2019
Updated: 22-10-2019
With the EBT New Note app, you can enter Euro bill note data and submit them to EuroBillTracker.

EuroBillTracker is a project for tracking Euro bill notes.
It comprises:
- a website:
- a Euro bill note database
- a EuroBillTracker API
- a user forum:
- etc.

This app includes features as follows:
- You can take a picture of the Euro bill and get the serial number extracted.
- Get the location data (country, city, postal code) just by tapping the location button.
- Submit Euro bill note data to the EuroBillTracker database using the EuroBillTracker API.

Screenshot of EBT New Note
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