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lightweight, fast, but powerful browser designed for Eink devices.
Version: 11.6.1
Added: 09-04-2021
Updated: 30-03-2024
It's a lightweight browser to provide powerful features designed for Eink devices.

E-Ink specific features
* pageUp / pageDown / Back button on toolbar
* Physical volume keys for pageUp/pageDown
* Tapping on screen left/right edge for pageUp/Down (finger button on toolbar)
* Desktop mode feature
* All icons in high contrast colors
* Tab count count toolbar
* Font size change button
* Bold font button
* Reader mode
* Vertical Read mode

Basic UI/Handling:
* optimized for one hand handling (toolbar at bottom)
* tab control (switch, open, close unlimited tabs)
* full material design
* fullscreen browsing (optional)
* navigation button in fullscreen mode
* fast toggle for most important settings
* advanced gesture control for toolbar and navigation button

Some nice extra features:
* small size
* search on site
* open links in background
* Websearch (from marked text context menu)
* screenshots of the whole website
* share/save as PDF
* open links in other apps (for example YouTube)

Permissions that may be used
* INTERNET: it's a browser, so it's expected.
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for saving web page as PDF or epub file, and for downloading files.
* INSTALL_SHORTCUT: to install web shortcuts on Home.
* ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: when using some navigation web site, or some web service that needs location, these permissions are needed.

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