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Element X - Secure messenger

Fastest ever Matrix client
Version: 0.4.15
Added: 12-06-2024
Updated: 24-06-2024
Element X is the future Element.

It is the brand new, and fastest ever, Matrix client. It is for personal and community use, and will support enterprise functionality later this year.

A complete new build, Element X transforms performance. It’s not just the fastest Matrix client, it’s also fresher and more reliable.

It’s so fast for a number of reasons, but in particular we’ve introduced a completely new syncing service (‘sliding sync’). So even in big end-to-end encrypted chat rooms it operates incredibly quickly.

It’s fresher because we’ve rebuilt the entire user experience. All the power of Matrix - and the complexity of decentralized end-to-end encryption - is now hidden under a beautiful and intuitive user interface using the very latest frameworks and accessibility features.

Element X delivers speed, usability and reliability on the decentralized Matrix open standard.

Own your data
Matrix-based, Element X lets you self-host your data or choose from any free public server (the default is, but there are plenty of others to choose from). However you host, you have ownership; it’s your data. You’re not the product. You’re in control.

Interoperate natively
Enjoy the freedom of the Matrix open standard! You have native interoperability with any other Matrix-based app. So just like email, it doesn't matter if your friends are on a different Matrix-based app you can still connect and chat.

Encrypt your data
Enjoy your right to private conversations - free from data mining, ads and all the rest of it - and stay secure. Only the people in your conversation can read your messages. And Element X E2EE applies to voice and video calls too.

Chat across multiple devices
Stay in touch wherever you are with fully synchronized message history across all your devices, even those running ‘traditional’ Element, and on the web at
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