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A Simple, Offline Recipe Manager
Version: 2.0.2
Added: 10-08-2021
Updated: 22-10-2021
EnRecipes is an open source, privacy-friendly digital cookbook that lets you create, manage and share your recipes.


- Create recipes quickly
- Add photo, combinations and notes to your recipes
- Organise your recipes by cuisine, category and tags
- Add recipes to your Try Later list and mark them as favorites
- Quickly search for recipes by title or ingredient
- Scale your recipe ingredients to serve more or less people
- Get notified of the last time you tried a recipe
- Share your recipe to anyone by any means as a nicely formatted message. You can share the recipe photo too.
- Shake your device to view a random recipe
- Create meal plans
- Set cooking timers
- You can Import or Export your data
- Has Light, Dark and Black themes


- 100% free and open-source
- Private by Design
- No special permissions required
- No annoying ads or pop-ups


This app was written in my free time using NativeScript-Vue. I would like to thank all those people who helped me understand the concepts during the process and my special thanks to the NativeScript team and the community. I also would like to thank the members of the Telegram EnRecipes group for contributing their ideas for this project.

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