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ente Authenticator

ente is an end-to-end encrypted authenticator app
Version: 1.0.32
Added: 11-03-2023
Updated: 11-03-2023
ente authenticator provides end-to-end encrypted cloud backups so that you don't have to worry about losing your tokens. We use the same protocols [ente
Photos]( uses to encrypt and preserve your data.

Multi Device Synchronization

ente will automatically sync the 2FA tokens you add to your account, across all
your devices. Every new device you sign into will have access to these tokens.


ente generates 2FA tokens offline, so your network connectivity will not get in
the way of your workflow.

Import and Export Tokens

You can add tokens to ente by one of the following methods:
1. Scanning a QR code
2. Manually entering (copy-pasting) a 2FA secret
3. Bulk importing from a file that contains a list of codes in the following


The codes maybe separated by new lines or commas.

You can also export the codes you have added to ente, to an **unencrypted** text
file, that adheres to the above format.

We take pride in offering human support. If you are our paid customer, you can reach out to and expect a response from our team within 24 hours.
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