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ente - encrypted photo storage

ente is an end-to-end encrypted photo storage app
Version: 0.8.62
Added: 20-05-2022
Updated: 28-02-2024
ente is a simple app to backup and share your photos and videos.

If you've been looking for a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Photos, you've come to the right place. With ente, they are stored end-to-end encrypted (e2ee). This means that only you can view them.

We have open-source apps across Android, iOS, web and desktop, and your photos will seamlessly sync between all of them in an end-to-end encrypted (e2ee) manner.

ente also makes it simple to share your albums with your loved ones, even if they aren't on ente. You can share publicly viewable links, where they can view your album and collaborate by adding photos to it, even without an account or app.

Your encrypted data is replicated to 3 different locations, including a fall-out shelter in Paris. We take posterity seriously and make it easy to ensure that your memories outlive you.

We are here to make the safest photos app ever, come join our journey!

- Original quality backups, because every pixel is important
- Family plans, so you can share storage with your family
- Collaborative albums, so you can pool together photos after a trip
- Shared folders, in case you want your partner to enjoy your "Camera" clicks
- Album links, that can be protected with a password
- Ability to free up space, by removing files that have been safely backed up
- Human support, because you're worth it
- Descriptions, so you can caption your memories and find them easily
- Image editor, to add finishing touches
- Favorite, hide and relive your memories, for they are precious
- One-click import from Google, Apple, your hard drive and more
- Dark theme, because your photos look good in it
- 2FA, 3FA, biometric auth
- and a LOT more!

ente requests for certain permissions to serve the purpose of a photo storage provider, which can be reviewed here:

We don't offer forever free plans, because it is important to us that we remain sustainable and withstand the test of time. Instead we offer affordable plans that you can freely share with your family. You can find more information at

We take pride in offering human support. If you are our paid customer, you can reach out to and expect a response from our team within 24 hours.

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