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Entrust IdentityGuard Unblocker

Xposed module to let rooted devices use Entrust's IdentityGuard app
Version: 1.2
Added: 06-01-2016
Updated: 10-05-2017
The Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile app refuses to work on devices that are rooted
or running custom ROM images, calling them "unsecured".

The validity of that statement notwithstanding, some people need to use the
application for work. It’s not something you choose to install, it’s something
you’re forced to install by your IT department.

In the interest of getting some work done (without buying a new phone), I
created this Xposed module to bypass the checks for root and custom ROMs.

Just install, enable, reboot, and you’re done. Get back to work.

Requires the Xposed framework
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