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Escapepod is a simple and lightweight app for listening to podcasts.
Version: 0.9.1
Added: 01-10-2019
Updated: 01-04-2020
Escapepod is a podcast player with a minimalistic approach, that may not be to everyone's liking. The app has only a single screen. Playback controls and a list of podcasts that shows the five most recent episodes each. Escapepod has no podcast discovery feature. It only offers a very simple search option and it opens RSS podcasts links when you tap them in a web browser. FREQUENT QUESTIONS DOES ESCAPEPOD HAVE PLAYBACK QUEUE? Escapepod has a simple up-next feature. Tap play on an episode while listening to another one. You will be be given the opportunity add it to the up-next slot. WHAT ARE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS? - Auto-update does not download files over cellular network - Escapepod by default only keeps two episodes ESCAPEPODS KEEPS MORE THAN TWO EPISODES. Escapepod tries to reduce the number of episodes it keeps. Here are the rules for that: - Escapepod keeps the latest two episodes - Episodes, that have been started, or that have been downloaded manually, are kept, too - the maximum number of episodes available (and kept) is five DOES ESCAPEPODS SUPPORT OMPL? You can import a podcast list using the OPML exchange format. Just open an OPML file using a file manager and choose Escapepod as the handler. The current podcast collection can be exported via Settings. Addionally Escapepod keeps an up-to-date OPML file in the folder /Android/data/org.y20k.escapepod/files/collection/. I CAN NOT ADD PODCAST X. Please report any podcast feeds, that are currently not working, using the GitHub Issue template "Feed Issue" ( Note: Escapepod does not support video podcasts. WHERE DO THE PODCAST SEARCH RESULTS COME FROM? Escapepod searches the ( online database. is a great page, if you are looking for new stuff to listen to, BTW.
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