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Escapepod is a simple and lightweight app for listening to podcasts.
Version: 0.8.6
Added: 01-10-2019
Updated: 07-01-2020
Escapepod is a simple and lightweight app for listening to podcasts. It's bare bone approach may not be to everyone's taste: Escapepod has no podcast discovery feature. It only offers a very simple search option and it opens RSS podcasts links when you tap them in a web browser. FREQUENT QUESTIONS I CAN NOT ADD PODCAST X. The podcast import feature needs some testing. It works with most of my favorite podcasts, but problems are to be expected. Please head over to the Wiki ( and add the podcast that failed to import. WHERE ARE THE SETTINGS? Escapepod has no settings screen. It tries to rely on sensible defaults. WHAT ARE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS? - Auto-update does not download files over cellular network - Dark mode is handled by the Android system - Escapepod by default only keeps two episodes ESCAPEPODS KEEPS MORE THAN TWO EPISODES. Escapepod tries to reduce the number of episodes it keeps. Here are the rules for that: - Escapepod keeps the latest two episodes - Episodes, that have been started, or that have been downloaded manually, are kept, too - the maximum number of episodes available (and kept) is five WHY MAKE SIMPLICITY A HIGH PRIORITY? Escapepod is a one-person fun project. Simplicity helps maintaining the app. DOES ESCAPEPOD HAVE PLAYBACK QUEUE? Escapepod has a simple up-next feature. Tap play on an episode while listening to another one. You will be be given the opportunity add it to the up-next slot. I REALLY MISS FEATURE X. For the foreseeable future the development of Escapepod will focus on stability and user interface polish. Do not expect new features anytime soon. DOES ESCAPEPODS SUPPORT OMPL? You can import an OPML formatted podcast list. Open the list in a file browser and choose Escapepod as a handler. Escapepod does not have an explicit export feature, but it keeps an up-to-date OPML file in the following folder on your device /Android/data/org.y20k.escapepod/files/collection/. WHERE DO THE PODCAST SEARCH RESULTS COME FROM? Escapepod searches the ( online database. is a great page, if you are looking for new stuff to listen to, BTW.
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