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An Lemmy client for Android, forked from the Infinity for Reddit project.
Version: 0.1.2
Added: 30-10-2023
Updated: 30-10-2023


A client for Lemmy, specifically designed for Android and written in Java. This project is a fork of the Infinity for
Reddit project, and it is currently in the early stages of development. As such, expect many unfinished features and
potential bugs!


Eternity is currently in the early stages of development. Expect many
unfinished features and bugs!

Browsing Lemmy

  • Explore various feeds (Subscribed/Local/All) and communities

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe from specific communities, with the option
    to block

  • Discover communities federated with the current instance

  • Favorite a community for quick access

  • Manage your subscriptions and blocked communities

Content Engagement

  • Engage with content by voting, saving, sharing, and creating posts
    or comments

  • Enjoy endless scrolling through feeds and posts

  • Tailor the view settings for posts (card,compact, gallery)

  • Set default preferences for post and comment sorting

  • Stay updated with notifications for replies

Account Management

  • Sign in to multiple accounts or instances, and effortlessly switch
    between them

  • Use the inbox features to view replies, mentions, and private

  • Access your profile to view your posts, comments, and saved


  • Choose between various theme options including Light, Dark,

  • Support Material You theming

  • Explore user-created themes

  • Customize font settings

  • Optional bottom navigation bar

  • Discover a plethora of other customization features

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