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Etheric Synthesizer

Theremin-like synthesizer
Version: 0.1.0
Added: 27-09-2016
Updated: 27-09-2016
Etheric Synthesizer (EtherSynth) is a theremin-like synthesizer which allows you
to play otherworldly melody by swiping finger on device's screen. However, it is
not aimed at realistically imitating a real theremin as it only uses single
finger to play.


* Play tones with single finger.
* Colored gradient background guide (can be turned off).
* Visible touch indicator (can be turned off).
* Configurable frequency range.
* Configurable control axes orientation and locking.
* Configurable output waveform: sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square.
* Configurable output audio resolution.
* Performance could be recorded in WAVE format.
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