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EVMap - Electric vehicle chargers

Find electric vehicle charging stations
Version: 1.1.0
Added: 07-09-2020
Updated: 24-10-2021
Using EVMap, you can find electric vehicle chargers comfortably using your Android phone. It provides mobile access to the community-driven databases from and Open Charge Map, containing information about charging locations across the world. For many chargepoints in Europe, you can see real-time status information.

- Material Design
- Shows all charging stations from the community-maintained and Open Charge Map directories
- Realtime availability information (only in Europe)
- Integrated price comparison using (only in Europe)
- Map data from OpenStreetMap (Mapbox)
- Search for places
- Advanced filtering options, including saved filter profiles
- Favorites list, also with availability information
- No ads, fully open source

EVMap is an open source project and can be found at

This app is not an official product of or Open Charge Map, it only uses their public APIs.
Screenshot of EVMap - Electric vehicle chargers Screenshot of EVMap - Electric vehicle chargers
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