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Evil Insult Generator

This is the greatest insults app you can get!
Version: 2.0
Added: 05-02-2021
Updated: 29-05-2021
The Evil Insult Generator app is the coolest insult generator out there!
This is the greatest insults app you can get! Best of all, it is free to use!
Are you looking for an evil insult app? Do you want to have some fun with the messages you send to friends? Maybe you're looking for an amusing insult that could get your current girlfriend or boyfriend to break-up with you. If you lack creativity and could use some assistance, this insults app will have your back! The evil insult generation app is free to download and install. You'll not only enjoy the insults it generates, you'll share them, too!
To generate an evil insult randomly, spin its handle. This app is capable of generating insult combinations by the thousands, and each one feels different. These evil insults can be shared with friends if you want to make them laugh. Fans of the game "Cards Against Humanity" will appreciate this awesome insult generator, which is totally free to use!
You will enjoy insulting enemies and friends alike. Mind you, the insults app was created for fun – it shouldn't be used to make anybody feel bad intentionally.
The insults app is one of the best of its kind. It can really come in clutch if you can’t think of a good enough insult on your own.
Interested in defaming somebody? This app will dip into its collection of insulting and shocking burns! Certain words are sometimes hard to come up with on the spot. When that happens, this app steps up to the plate.
Need to come up with an offensive term to call someone? You can access hundreds of insults to use. New insults are a swipe away. Simply tap the button marked "Generate," and an all-new insult will show up in the middle of your screen.
You'll be able to create funny insults with the press of a button. The insults you use will be original.
Thanks to this insults app, you’ll be able to blow off some steam when called for. You can spew out insults in Greek, Hindi, Russian, Swahili, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and, of course, English.
The application simplifies the process of coming up with an insult, and you can share your insults on other apps, too. Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers – download this insult generator for your device(s)! Are you trying to come up with a great line to use on someone? This assortment of insults will get your message across in a humorous manner. You will be heard loud and clear!

Why should you download the evil insult generator, as opposed to another insult app?

The interface is user-friendly, and the graphics are all of high quality. The app was developed to provide you with a pleasurable experience.
On the app's main screen, you'll have the ability to generate and browse various evil insults. Using the app couldn't be easier, and it only takes a second to generate new insults. You can browse through them with a simple tap of your screen.

This app is completely free to use and will stay that way forever. The source code is available on GitHub. You do not have to worry about special memberships, annual subscriptions, or hidden costs to generate results and share them with others.

We endeavored to simplify the process of using this app. You will be able to share insults produced by the evil insult generator at no charge. Your insults can be shared with friends on various apps.

Updated Regularly
The development team that created this app are always adding new insults to it. Each insult is easy to share, and others can use them, if desired.
But we need your support. Please send us your insults and we will review it. If we like it, the insult will be the newest addition to the app.

A Huge Collection of Insults
This app does not have any shortage of insults that you can use. Many of them have a uniqueness that can’t be found anywhere else.
Don't delay – download the evil insults app and come up with creative lines that you can use on just about anybody!
We endeavor to optimiz
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