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Fully featured email client. Neat, intuitive user interface. Privacy friendly
Version: 1.820
Added: 30-08-2018
Updated: 17-11-2019
FairEmail is easy to setup and works with virtually all email providers, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! FairEmail might be for you if you value your privacy. Main features * Fully featured * 100 % open source * Privacy oriented * Unlimited accounts * Unlimited email addresses * Unified inbox * Conversation threading * Two way synchronization * Offline storage and operations * Battery friendly * Low data usage * Small (< 10 MB) * Material design (including dark/black theme) * Maintained and supported This app is minimalistic by design, so you can concentrate on reading and writing messages. This app starts a foreground service with a low priority status bar notification to make sure you'll never miss new emails. Privacy features * Encryption/decryption supported (OpenPGP) * Reformat messages to prevent phishing * Confirm showing images to prevent tracking * Confirm opening links to prevent tracking and phishing * Automatically recognize and disable tracking images * Warning if messages could not be authenticated Simple * Quick setup * Easy navigation * No bells and whistles * No distracting "eye candy" Secure * No data storage on third party servers * Safe message view (styling, scripting and unsafe HTML removed) * Confirm opening links, images and attachments * No special permissions required * No advertisements * No analytics and no tracking (error reporting is opt-in) * No Google backup * FairEmail is an original work, not a fork or a clone Efficient * Fast and lightweight * IMAP IDLE (push messages) supported * Built with latest development tools and libraries Pro features All pro features are convenience or advanced features. * Account/identity colors * Colored stars * Notification settings (sounds) per account/folder/sender (requires Android 8 Oreo) * Configurable notification actions * Snooze messages * Send messages after selected time * Synchronization scheduling * Reply templates * Accept/decline calendar invitations * Filter rules * Search on device or server * Keyword management * Biometric authentication * Unified inbox widget * Export settings For more information, please see here:
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