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A GitHub client app built from ground up
Version: 4.6.7
Added: 01-11-2017
Updated: 21-06-2018

This is a pure-floss fork of the FastHub app.

Yet another open-source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub was built from scratch.



  • Three login types (Basic Auth), (Access Token) or via (OAuth)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Enterprise Accounts
  • Themes mode
  • Offline-mode
  • Markdown and code highlighting support
  • Notifications overview and "Mark all as read"
  • Search Users/Orgs, Repos, Issues/PRs & Code.
  • FastHub & GitHub Pinned Repos
  • Trending
  • Wiki
  • Projects


  • Browse & Read Wiki
  • Edit, Create & Delete files (commit)
  • Edit, Create & Delete files (Project Columns Cards)
  • Search Repos
  • Browse and search Repos
  • See your public, private and forked Repos
  • Filter Branches and Commits
  • Watch, star and fork Repos
  • Download releases, files and branches

Issues and Pull Requests

  • Search Issues/PRs
  • Filter Issues/PRs
  • Long click to peak Issues/PRs & add comments otg.
  • Open/close Issues/PRs
  • Comment on Issues/PRs
  • Manage Issue/PR comments
  • React to comments with reactions
  • Edit Issues/PRs
  • Lock/unlock conversation in Issues/PRs
  • Assign people and add Labels and Milestones to Issues/PRs
  • Manage Milestones
  • Merge PRs
  • PRs reviews (reply, react with emojies, delete & edit comment)
  • PRs request review changes/approve & comment.
  • PRs statuses

Commits and Gists

  • Search Code/Gists
  • View Gists and their files
  • Comment on Commits/Gists
  • Manage Commit/Gist comments
  • Create/Delete Gists
  • Edit Gist & Gist Files
  • React to Commit comments with reactions
  • Comment on line number in Files/Code changes.


  • Overview
  • Feeds
  • Teams & Teams repos
  • Repos


  • GitHub Pinned Repos
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • View user feeds
  • Contribution graph.
  • Search Users, Repos, Issues,Pull Requests and Code
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