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Fcitx5 for Android (Anthy Plugin)

Fcitx5 input method framework and engines ported to Android
Version: 0.0.9-0-g8dc51356
Added: 14-06-2023
Updated: 27-04-2024
Supported languages

  • English (with spellcheck)

  • Chinese (Pinyin, Shuangpin, Wubi, Cangjie and custom tables)

  • Vietnamese (Based on UniKey, supports Telex, VNI and VIQR)


  • Virtual Keyboard (layout not customizable yet)

  • Expandable candidate view

  • Clipboard management (plain text only)

  • Theming (custom color scheme and background image)

  • Popup preview on key press

  • Long press popup keyboard for convenient symbol input

  • Symbol and Emoji picker

Work in progress

  • Customizable keyboard layout

  • More input methods

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