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F-Droid Build Status

Shows and monitors build status from F-Droid
Version: 5.5.0
Added: 31-01-2021
Updated: 12-06-2024
Android App for the F-Droid build status API.


- Shows failed and successfull builds
- Shows build log in detail screen
- Shows published versions of an app
- Shows if an app needs an update or is disabled
- Mark apps as favourite for sorting
- Notify about new build status, optionally only of your favourite apps

F-Droid API used:

The App uses the following F-Droid API endpoints:

- running.json: the current running F-Droid buildserver process,
- build.json: the last completed F-Droid buildserver build cycle,
- update.json: the last update check of the F-Droid buildserver,
- build.log:{id}_{versionCode}.log.gz
- published package info:{id}, example


Logo derived from F-Droid:
Screenshot of F-Droid Build Status Screenshot of F-Droid Build Status Screenshot of F-Droid Build Status
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