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F-Droid Classic

F-Droid client with the classic UI
Version: 1.1
Added: 13-09-2020
Updated: 15-02-2021
This is an alternative F-Droid client which is based on the older UI of the official client (pre 1.0).
While the new client UI looks pretty, it's sometimes a bit clunky.
Lots of information that was provided clearly in the old UI is now not available or hidden behind more taps now.
F-Droid Classic brings features of the modern 1.x version of F-Droid to the classic UI, this includes:

* Index-v1 support
* Inline changelog entries
* Localized metadata
* Screenshots
* Donation links

Upcoming features:

* Better mirror support

It doesn't support the following features and probably never will

* Swap
* Index-v0 (old xml based index) support
* Support for Android < 4.4

Note: If you want beta updates you can enable the F-Droid Classic repo in the repo management screen. Releases will also usually be available there a few days before they make it into the main F-Droid repository.

Screenshot of F-Droid Classic Screenshot of F-Droid Classic Screenshot of F-Droid Classic
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