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A lightweight version of Fedilab with privacy protections
Version: 2.23.1
Added: 02-10-2019
Updated: 02-11-2019
Fedilab Lite is a lightweight, multifunctional Android client to access the Fediverse This lightweight version of Fedilab offers various privacy options and some of the most popular features of Fedilab Built-in browser • Tracking protection • Ad blocker • Auto update block lists Privacy protection • Twitter URLs will be replaced with • YouTube URLs will be replaced with • Nitter and Invidious instances can be customized • Option to clear cache when leaving the app Most popular features are still supported • Bookmarks • Remember position • Add notes • Automatically split long statuses • Translator • Truncate long toots • Scheduling • Quick replies and more ... This version will work on Android 5.0 and above versions. App's download size is around 10Mb (with no minification). Also, default Art timeline and Peertube timeline have been removed, but it's still possible for you to create your own ones. In bug reports, please mention that you're using the "Lite" version
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