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Fedilab Lite

Fedilab Lite is a lightweight version of Fedilab with default settings for priva
Version: 2.20.0
Added: 02-10-2019
Updated: 02-10-2019
Fedilab Lite is a multifunctional Android client to access the distributed Fediverse. This lightweight version of Fedilab will offer by default features that can't be changed. - Built-in browser with automatic tracking database updates - All Twitter URLs will be replaced by Nitter (instance can be customized) - All YouTube URLs will be replaced by Invidious (instance can be customized) - Cache is automatically cleared when leaving the application. This smallest version of Fedilab has a one page settings. Most popular settings are still supported: - Bookmarks, remember position, add notes, automatically split statuses, translator, truncate toots, scheduling, quick replies... Some libraries have been removed thus, this version can't work with Android 4+ devices. Its size is around 10Mb (with no minification). Also, some default timelines such Art and Peertube timelines have been removed, but it's up to you to create your own ones. In bug reports, think to mention you run the "Lite" version.
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