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Updater for privacy friendly browsers
Version: 77.7.0
Added: 09-07-2015
Updated: 03-02-2023
Installs and updates the following browsers:

Browsers from Mozilla or based on Firefox:
- Fennec F-Droid
- Firefox Browser, Firefox for Android Beta, Firefox Nightly
- Firefox Focus, Firefox Focus Beta, Firefox Klar
- Iceraven
- Mull Browser
- Tor Browser, Tor Browser Alpha

Good privacy browsers:
- Bromite, Bromite SystemWebView
- Mulch

Browser which are better than Google Chrome:
- Brave Private Browser, Brave Browser (Beta), Brave Browser (Nightly)
- Chromium
- DuckDuckGo Browser
- Kiwi Browser Next
- Privacy Browser (F-Droid)
- Vivaldi

Other applications:
- Orbot

FFUpdater checks for updates in the background and downloads them as well. On Android 12+ or root devices, FFUpdater can also update the apps without user interaction.

Visit for more information.


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