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Make organizing, navigating and manipulating documents and media more efficient
Version: 1.1.1
Added: 31-07-2023
Updated: 31-07-2023
The FileManagerSphere is a powerful file management tool designed to simplify and enhance your experience when dealing with documents, media, and other file types. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, FileManagerSphere provides a comprehensive solution for organizing, navigating, searching, and manipulating your files with ease.


- Open source: Lightweight, clean, and secure.
- Material Design: Follows the Material Design guidelines, with attention to details.
- File support: View, extract, and create common compressed files.
- Themes: Customizable user interface colors, plus optional true black night mode.
- Elegant widgets that automatically adapt to your size
- Well-implemented: Built upon the right things, including Java NIO File API and LiveData.
Screenshot of FileManagerSphere Screenshot of FileManagerSphere Screenshot of FileManagerSphere
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