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Material Files

Open source Material Design file manager
Version: 1.1.1
Added: 24-11-2019
Updated: 26-05-2020
An open source Material Design file manager. Features: - Open source: Lightweight, clean and secure. - Material Design: Both MD2 and classic themes, with attention into details. - Breadcrumbs: Navigate in the filesystem with ease. - Root support: View and manage files with root access. - Archive support: View, extract and create common compressed files. - Themes: Customizable UI colors for classic theme, plus night mode. - Linux-aware: Knows symbolic links, file permissions and SELinux context. - Robust: Uses Linux system calls under the hood, not yet another ls parser. - Well-implemented: Built upon the right things, including Java NIO2 File API and LiveData.
Screenshot of Material Files Screenshot of Material Files Screenshot of Material Files
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