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FIND3 Scanner

Scan Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for FIND3
Version: 3.0.3
Added: 20-08-2018
Updated: 20-08-2018
FIND3 is a minimal Android app for using with
FIND3. This app will allow you to use
your phone to perform constant scans of Bluetooth and WiFi signals and levels
that can be associated with certain locations in your home to allow internal
positioning. To receive the data, the FIND3
public server
can be used or a personal server can be deployed.

The Framework for Internal Navigation and Discovery (FIND) is like GPS, but for
your every room in your house/business, with using only a simple smartphone or

Your device (laptop or a smartphone) tracks itself by actively scanning for
nearby Bluetooth/WiFi devices and records their signal strengths and
classifying them based on known signal strengths for a given location.

This repository is a complete re-write of the [ previous
version of FIND]. The API for sending fingerprints (/track and /learn) is
backward compatible. There are several notable improvements on the previous

* Support for any data source, Bluetooth / WiFi / magnetic fields / etc. (previously just WiFi)
* Passive scanning built-in (previously required a separate server)
* Support for Bluetooth scanning in scanning utility (previously just WiFi)
* Meta-learning with 10 different machine learning classifiers (previously just three)
* Client uses Websockets+React which reduces bandwidth (and coding complexity)
* Rolling compression of mac addresses for much smaller on-disk databases (see mapslimmer)
* Data storage in SQLITE-database (previously it was BoltDB)
Screenshot of FIND3 Scanner Screenshot of FIND3 Scanner Screenshot of FIND3 Scanner
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