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Find My Device (FMD)

Locate and control your device remotely
Version: 0.4.0
Added: 09-01-2021
Updated: 09-03-2024
I lost my new phone.
And because I don't use Google Services I couldn't locate it and my phone was gone for good.
In the hope that this doesn't happen again, I developed this application, so that I can locate the phone via SMS.


- Locate the device (using GPS or cellular location)
- Lock the device
- Let the device ring
- Take pictures with the device's camera to see its surroundings
- Factory-reset the device


You can control FMD (and thus your phone) either via SMS or via FMD Server.
You send a command to the phone (e.g. "fmd ring") and the phone executes it.

For SMS you can either define a list of trusted contacts (phone numbers) that are allowed to send commands.
Or you can set a PIN to allow anonymous usage.
Then non-trusted phone numbers can also send commands by including the PIN in the message.
This is useful because now if you loose your phone, you can ask a random person for help to wipe your phone remotely.
If you simply text "fmd" to your phone FMD will reply with a text listing the available commands.

With FMD Server you get a web interface to send commands, to view the location of your device on a map,
and to view pictures taken by the device.
You can self-host FMD Server.
See here for more details:


This app is provided on a best effort basis.
We hope it is useful, we use it ourselves, but this is a hobby project
and we can't guarantee that it will work when you need it the most.

Screenshot of Find My Device (FMD) Screenshot of Find My Device (FMD)
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