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Version: 50.1.0
Added: 29-10-2013
Updated: 04-01-2017


Note that this package will soon be dropped from the F-Droid repo. Please consider using one of the following options for continued update support:

We urged Mozilla to enable auto-updates for release builds in 2015 -- see bugzilla -- but the issue seems stalled. So even when you download Firefox manually, make sure you revisited the download link from time to time.

Estimate EOL date: 2017


Mobile version of the Firefox web browser. Uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. Features include: bookmark sync, custom search engines, support for addons and the ability to enable or disable the search suggestions.


  • Non-free Addons: The license of the addons may be seen in the version notes, but often are non-free. The marketplace has no license information on most apps.
  • Tracking: Stats are sent back regularly to the developers, but that can be disabled via settings. Also some versions contain "Adjust" tracking software.
  • UpstreamNonFree: Contains proprietary software, e.g. play-services.

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