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FlashDim - Dim your flashlight

Modern flashlight app with dim functionality on Android 13+
Version: 2.3.2
Added: 29-10-2022
Updated: 15-02-2024
Starting with Android 13, it's possible to control multiple brightness levels of the flashlight.
To be able to use this new feature I've developed this app.

The full functionality of this app is ONLY AVAILABLE for devices which support the dim functionality of the flashlight (hardware limited).
See Supported devices on GitHub

If you think it's worth to support this project, feel free to give a small donation ♥️.

  • dimming your flashlight level by level
  • shortcut buttons for different brightness levels
  • SOS flash button
  • morse code flash mode
  • ⏲️ Interval / BPM mode
  • ⚡ quick settings tile for fast access
  • press both volume buttons for easy flashlight toggle
  • private, no ads, no internet connection
  • modern Material You (M3) design elements
  • app colors adapt to device's system colors

Used Icons
information-slab-circle-outline created by Jeff Anders - Pictogrammers
vibrate created by Google - Pictogrammers
rocket-launch-outline created by Michael Irigoyen - Pictogrammers
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