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Flashlight Tiramisu

An application that allows you to smoothly adjust the brightness of the flashlig
Version: 2.0
Added: 07-11-2022
Updated: 28-11-2022
This application can smoothly adjust the brightness of your flashlight. In the navigation, you have a large convenient button to turn the flashlight on and off, a slider and 4 small buttons to quickly set the value to the N position. You can also save the value of the slider and after each launch of the application, the slider will be set to the saved state. You can also activate the flashlight on the saved value from the curtain by clicking on the tile.

The settings screen will help you choose different ways to interact with the flashlight. By clicking on the button "Explanation of setting items" - you will see a description of the menu items.
Screenshot of Flashlight Tiramisu Screenshot of Flashlight Tiramisu
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