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Open source Flutter Whiteboard
Version: 0.0.12
Added: 21-08-2021
Updated: 22-09-2021
Fluffyboard is a open source, free and self-hostable Whiteboard Application.

* Online Whiteboards
* Offline Whiteboards
* Downloading and Uploading Whiteboards
* Import and export Whiteboardss
* Organizing Whiteboards in Folders
* Sharing online Whiteboards with readonly and write Permissions
* Drawing lines
* Highlighting
* Drawing Straight Lines and Arrows
* Drawing Rects, Triangles and Circles
* Adding Text
* Uploading Images
* Importing PDF
* Changing Background
* Settings sync
* Adding bookmarks
* Changing Toolbar location

Screenshot of Fluffyboard Screenshot of Fluffyboard Screenshot of Fluffyboard
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