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Chat with your friends with FluffyChat.
Version: 1.17.3
Added: 11-10-2021
Updated: 13-02-2024
FluffyChat is an open, nonprofit and cute matrix messenger app for Ubuntu Touch, Android and iOS.

Opensource and open development where everyone can join.

FluffyChat is donation funded.

Cute ♥
Cute design and many theme settings including a dark mode.

One-to-one and groupchats
Unlimited groups and direct chats.

FluffyChat is made as simple to use as possible.

Free to use for everyone without ads.

There is no "FluffyChat server" you are forced to use. Use the server you find trustworthy or host your own.

Compatible with Element, Fractal, Nekho and all matrix messengers.

FluffyChat comes with a dream

Imagine a world where everyone can choose the messenger they like and is still able to chat with all of their friends.
A world where there are no companies spying on you when you send selfies to friends and lovers.
And a world where apps are made for fluffyness and not for profit. ♥

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