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FocusPodcast is a quality podcast management and playback application
Added: 01-07-2024
Updated: 01-07-2024
★★★★★Main Features★★★★★

- Privacy protection, no server, will not and cannot track any of your privacy, will not upload any of your data
- The latest Google MD3 material design
- Podcast offline No WiFi? do not worry! Listen to episodes whenever and wherever you are commuting or relaxing.
- Compatible SD cards allow you to free up storage space on your device.
- Podcast groups, manage the genre and mood of the show.
- ⏲️ Sleep timer to put the podcast player to sleep.
- Global selection of podcasts, all free to download
- Powerful search engine to find various channels and episodes, always discover your favorite fresh audio content
- Top trending total list highlights all the trending podcasts for you
- Personalize the app to create your own unique podcast app


- Customize fast forward and rewind playback
- Choose from a variety of beautiful desktop widgets
- Support custom theme color, pure black theme
- Support lock screen player
- Custom home page
- Customize the order and visibility of the navigation drawer
- Multiple Now Playing Themes

- Search by podcast name or keyword
- Browse latest/hot/popular podcasts by category
- Paste the podcast RSS/ATOM feed URL. Can also run Apple Podcasts, YouTube channel URL
- Support opml file import
- Supports access to password-protected feeds and audio

Play/Audio Effects
- Supports both audio and video podcasts. You can subscribe, browse and play any podcast
- Support online or offline playback
- Support for Bluetooth devices
- Sleep settings
- Drive mode for your convenience
- Built-in audio effects such as playback speed, volume boost and skip mute, down mix (mono)
- Variable playback speed for video podcasts
- Skip the beginning and end
- Chapter support, memory playback position

- Auto-update podcasts with customizable update frequency, set specific times, download your favorite podcasts before waking up
- Automatically download the latest podcast episodes
- Automatically delete downloaded podcast files after playback
- Automatically download old episodes when storage space is low
- Control applications with third-party applications via Intent

- Multi-language support
- Support tablet mode
- Complete application backup/restore with multiple options
- Find an episode by playback history or by searching for titles and shownotes
- support android 13 monochrome icon
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