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Enable Doze mode immediately after screen off and turn off motion sensing
Version: 1.4.0
Added: 28-10-2018
Updated: 28-10-2018
ForceDoze allows you to forcefully enable Doze right after you turn off your
screen, and on top of that, it also disables motion sensors so Doze stays active
even if your device is not stationary while screen off. Doze will only deactivate
periodically to execute maintenance jobs (like getting notifications, etc),
otherwise it will remain active as long as your screen is off. This brings a lot
more battery savings than standard Doze functionality, because even with screen
off and Doze enabled, Doze is still periodically checking for movement, and
disabling motion sensing improves battery life further.


* Force Doze mode immediately after screen off or after a user specified delay
* Add/remove apps or packages directly to system Doze whitelist
* Disable motion sensors to prevent Doze from kicking in during movement
* Tasker support to turn on/off ForceDoze and modify other features
* Disable WiFi and mobile data completely during Doze
* Enable Doze mode on devices where OEM has disabled it
* No root mode so you can enjoy the core benefits without rooting your device
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