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FOSDEM Companion

Schedule browser for the FOSDEM conference
Version: 2.1.3
Added: 27-01-2014
Updated: 10-04-2023
Advanced schedule browser for the FOSDEM conference in
Brussels, Belgium. Download the most recent schedule and browse it offline.


* Browse sessions by day and by track
* Instant search
* Track schedule view optimized for phones and tablets
* Full sessions details with related links, speakers info and room maps
* Add sessions directly to your calendar
* Share sessions with a link to their page on the FOSDEM website
* Manage bookmarks and get notified when a bookmarked session is about to start
* “Live” view: during FOSDEM, watch the realtime updated list of currently running and upcoming sessions
* Includes a simple map of the site.

Note: this app properly handles timezone changes and device reboots for
notifications; you can download the schedule and add bookmarks on any timezone
and you will get notified at the right time when the events start in Belgium.

The name FOSDEM and the gear logo are registered trademarks of FOSDEM VZW. Used
with permission.
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