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FREE Browser

Privacy browser with Greasemonkey style script support and Cookie Banner Blocker
Version: 2.7
Added: 15-11-2023
Updated: 09-03-2024
"FREE Browser" is a web browser for optimal privacy

• fully open source
• no ads, no trackers
• no unnecessary permissions

This app depends on the built-in Android WebView. Make sure to keep it up to date.


• AdBlocker using StevenBlack host list
• Measures against browser fingerprinting
• Cookie Banner Blocker: Auto "Deny", based on Cookie Banner Rules from Firefox
• Advanced settings for javascript, cookies and DOM-storage (domain/bookmark based)
• Third party cookies are not supported in general.
• Support for Greasemonkey style scripts (supported: @match, @name, @run-at)
• Optimized for one hand handling (toolbar at bottom)
• TAB control (switch, open, close, unlimited tabs)
• Fast toggle for most important settings
• Zoom in/out
• Search current website
• Web search (from marked text via context menu)
• Save as PDF
• Open links in other apps (for example YouTube)
• Backup
• etc

Screenshot of FREE Browser Screenshot of FREE Browser Screenshot of FREE Browser
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