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Free Klondike

A mixture of FreeCell and Klondike Solitaire
Version: 2.0.0
Added: 30-01-2019
Updated: 30-01-2019
Similarities to FreeCell:

* The cards in the columns are always visible;
* There are four individual cells at the top;

Similarities to Klondike Solitaire:

* There is a deck and discard pile to draw cards from;
* Only Kings may be placed at the top of an empty column;
* Cards may be removed from the Ace piles and placed back
onto the playing field;
* Any number of cards can be moved in one move (as long as
they are stacked as in Klondike Solitaire;

Features unique to this game:

* The four individual cells start with cards in them;
* You may only go through the deck twice on draw one and
three times on draw three;
* The obvious: there are only four columns, not 7 or 8 as
in Klondike Solitaire and FreeCell, respectively;
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