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French Calendar

French Revolutionary calendar widget
Version: 1.18.2
Added: 19-11-2014
Updated: 08-07-2018
Resizable widget which displays the current date and time in the French
Revolutionary calendar. The widget supports the following preferences:

* Whether to display the current time, or the name of the object for that day of the year (ex: grape).
* Calculation method: method used to determine the first day of the year: Either based on the autumn equinox, or the Romme method.
* Language of the calendar (limited to just a few languages for now).

Other features:

* Possibility to share the information about the current date.
* The color of the widget is customizable, but by default is different for each month.
* You can add the widget to your lock screen (on supported devices).

Three widget styles:

* Horizontal parchment
* Vertical parchment
* Minimalist
Screenshot of French Calendar Screenshot of French Calendar Screenshot of French Calendar
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