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File-sharing and searching
Version: 1.0.7
Added: 22-12-2012
Updated: 22-04-2013
Note: This app will no longer be updated, its repo disappeared.

Search and download files from the BitTorrent network and share files with other
FrostWire users on the same local network (via WiFi). Frostwire can also be
installed on the desktop.

The non-free Google Admob library in the source code has been replaced with a
library that does nothing. The presence of even more proprietary libraries in
newer versions means that there are unlikely to be further updates of this app
in the F-Droid repo.

Anti-feature: Tracking. The app checks for new versions of the app without the
user's consent. The update won't work however, because it is signed with a
different key to these apks.
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